Nudge Pricing Plans

Simple pricing for individual, team and enterprise plans

Your own account, forever
  • Free

    USD User/Month

    For individual reps who value their network

    Includes core features:
    • Unlimited contact management
    • Contact news mentions and social activity
    • Relationship strength tracking
    • Personalized outreach composer
    • Daily insight email
    • Trending content on your interests
    • Chat support and help portal
    • Web, Android and iPhone app
Premium features for teams and enterprises
  • Team

    USD User/Month

    For sales teams that have targeted accounts

    Everything in Free, plus
    • Account access through team relationships
    • Company news mentions and social activity
    • Intelligent follow-ups
    • integration
    • AI Slack sales assistant
    • Marketing event integration
    • Team performance reporting
    • Standard support
  • Enterprise

    - Coming Soon -

    For global sales teams with multiple channels

    Everything in Team, plus
    • Divisional news, content and social updates
    • Account targeting by social proximity
    • Deal workflow by relationship strength
    • Channel relationship tracking
    • Advanced CRM integration
    • Advanced third-party integrations
    • Sales territory and team performance analytics
    • Premier support
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Plan Features in Detail

Enterprise-grade sales features for every sales professional

Nudge Free Plan

Your Own Account, Forever

Anyone can create an individual Nudge account for free. This account is yours to own throughout your entire career. You can plug your free account into a Team account. When you leave your current Team, you are free to unplug your free account and bring all of your relationships and data with you.

Unlimited Contact Management

Your contacts will be safely stored and accessible at all times. Nudge syncs to as many Gmail, and Microsoft 365 accounts as you’d like. Once your accounts are connected, Nudge automatically manages and tracks contacts that you email and have meetings with. Additionally, you can import contacts from your CRM and custom contact lists by uploading a CSV.

Contact News Mentions and Social Activity

Nudge uses artificial intelligence to find real-time personal news mentions and social updates on key contacts from your target accounts. Nudge does this by searching through thousands of news sources from across the web, which saves you time on research and lets you engage your buyers with authentic reasons to reach out.

Relationship Strength Tracking

Always know when it’s time to reach out and how to maintain strong relationships with key contacts. Nudge syncs with your communication tools to track the strength of relationships as you interact across email, calendar and social media.

Personalized Outreach Composer

Engage buyers directly where you’ll get the best response rates. Nudge connects to your email and social accounts so you can reach out to buyers by email or from your own personal social accounts.

Daily Insight Email

Stay on top of what’s happening in your world. Nudge sends a regular email with an overview of news, social and relationship insights you may have missed from the day before, and actionable updates you should focus on today.

Trending Content on Your Interests

Get a customized news feed based on your unique interest topics. You can read the content directly in Nudge and share by email or across your favorite social channels in a few clicks. You can always update your news feed with new topics depending on what you want to learn or share with your network.

Chat Support and Help Portal

Chat with our support team by email or directly in the app to get help or ask questions. Visit for in-depth articles and videos on how to make the most of Nudge.

Web, Android and iPhone App

You can access Nudge from any web browser. Not at your desk? No problem. Download the Nudge mobile app for Android or iPhone to get account insights wherever you are.

Nudge Team Plan

Account Access Through Relationships

Find your best path into target accounts by seeing who on your team or in their extended network has real relationships with decisions makers. Leverage relationships from your sales, marketing, customer success and executive teams to get warm introductions.

Company News Mentions and Social Activity

Nudge uses artificial intelligence to do the sales research grunt work for you. Get real-time updates whenever your target accounts are mentioned in the news and post on social media. Keeping up with target accounts has never been easier.

Intelligent Follow-ups

Stay top-of-mind so you never lose deals to competitors. Use a regular cadence to engage opportunities who are not yet ready to buy, and since Nudge syncs with your communication tools, it automatically reminds you when it’s time to reach out.

Salesforce Integration

Get the latest news, social and relationship insight on your target accounts directly from Salesforce. Nudge integrates with your CRM by adding a direct link from Salesforce to the enhanced version of a company or contact record in Nudge.

Marketing Event Integration

Engage buyers when they are most likely to convert into opportunities. Nudge integrates with your marketing systems to show you how prospects and customers are engaging with marketing activities. See which resources they’re interested in, which pages they visit, and other triggers to help you reach out at the right rime.

Team Performance Reporting

Go beyond email open rates – get sales metrics that impact revenue. Nudge’s team performance reporting provides insight into how well your sales reps are engaging with key contacts at target accounts. Get the insights you need to focus your time on selling to accounts with the highest ROI.

AI Slack Sales Assistant

Ask your very own AI sales assistant anything about your target accounts directly in Slack. Let the Nudgebot for Slack do your sales grunt work to find news, social and relationship insights in seconds without ever leaving your favorite team communication platform.

Standard Support

Getting your Team setup on Nudge only takes a few minutes and can be completed entirely on your own. However, if you do have any questions or concerns, one of our customer support representatives will be happy to help you.

Nudge Enterprise Plan

Nudge Enterprise Plan

Coming soon…If you are interested in learning more about our Enterprise plan, please click here to email us directly with any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers for you

Billing and Payments

Is your free plan really free?

Yep – no strings attached. Nudge is completely free for individual users for as long as you’d like. You can easily upgrade to a Team plan for a 30-day free trial before entering any billing details.


How do I create a Team?

You must create a free individual Nudge account first before you can create a Team. When you have your individual account, visit the Teams page to get started. Once you’ve created a Team, you will have access to premium features.


How is your Team plan billed?

Our Team plan is $29.95 USD per month per user. Once you create a Team on Nudge, you will be charged $29.95 USD for every user on your team after the 30-day free trial. You will be prompted to enter your payment details once your 30-day free trial has ended.


What happens after the 30-day free trial?

You will be asked to enter your billing information once your 30-day free trial ends. At this time, you can easily enter 1 credit card to pay for every user on your team. If you do not enter a valid credit card at the end of your trial, you will no longer have access to our awesome premium features on our Team plan.


How do I pay for Nudge?

You can pay for Nudge directly within the app. You will be prompted to enter your payment details once you’ve finished your 30-day free trial. You will only be asked to enter billing information if you create a team.


What kind of support can I expect?

Only the best! Our support team typically responds by email and chat within minutes during 9AM to 5PM ET from Monday to Friday. We still respond after regular business hours, however may take a bit longer.

You can email or better yet, chat with us directly in the product by clicking the blue chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the desktop app.


Where can I learn how to use Nudge?

We have great in-depth articles and videos on our support site at It’s open 24/7 and we are always adding new content. Let us know if we’re missing anything and we’ll get it updated shortly.


Can I see a live demo of Nudge?

Of course! You can click here to email us directly if you’re interested in setting up a live demo for your sales team. If you’re just interested in using Nudge as an individual, please refer to or chat with us directly within the app.


Is my data safe on Nudge?

Absolutely, yes. Nudge encrypts all customer data in transit to keep it safe, using the latest encryption technology like HTTPS and Transport Layer Security. Our infrastructure is secured by Microsoft’s Azure world class security team. All account integration governed by OAuth credentials guarantee secure authorization without storing passwords. Finally, all contact identity information in Nudge is under access controls.

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