Grow Relationships, Not Connections.

Nudge is a modern networking app that uses relationship strength to help individuals and teams engage the right prospects, customers or anyone they care about. Filtering out everything else.

Modern Networking

Nudge creates a single view of your network and lets you interact where you want by connecting to your email, calendar, social accounts and more.

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What's happening in your world?

Nudge’s Network News highlights the latest news and social updates from people you actually care about. Trending Content curates top articles from across the web based on your unique interests. Say good-bye to noisy news feeds.

Never leave a relationship behind.

Nudge tracks the strength of your relationships as you interact across email, meetings, social and more. Focus on growing the right relationships stronger while filtering out everything else.

Tap into the strength of your network.

Say good-bye to awkward cold emails. Collaborate with your friends and colleagues on Nudge to see who in your network can introduce you to your next opportunity based on the strength of their relationships.

What People Are Saying

Nudge is helping professionals from all backgrounds grow the right relationships.
  • Nudge has quickly become my go-to app to nurture my network. I just booked a lunch with a long time prospect on my top ten list by reaching out with news Nudge highlighted. It's far less noise, far more relevant updates on my network.

    Jacoline Loewen
    Jacoline LoewenUBS Bank (Canada) Wealth Management, Director of New Business Development
  • In using Nudge, I found people important to me who fell through the cracks. Within 1-week I reconnected with them which resulted in two new closed opportunities and a new hire.

    Anand Thaker
    Anand ThakerIntelliPhi, CEO & Founder
  • Nudge monitors my 'Network Health Score' and lets me know who I haven't been in touch with recently. Prompting me to proactively reach out. Staying top of mind with key relationships like this is essential for me.

    Scott Ingram
    Scott IngramRelationship One, Business Development Executive

Are you ready to start growing the right relationships?