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Nudge is a Modern Sales Platform that leverages relationship strength to help you find and keep your best customers.

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Access Your Best Customers

Collaborating on Nudge allows you and your team to share network information, providing visibility into who has the best access to decision makers and key accounts.

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Grow the Right Relationships

Relationship strength provides insight into who and when you should re-engage. When it’s time to reach out, Nudge surfaces relevant news and updates, helping you craft the perfect message.

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Your Network, One Place

Nudge brings your network together by integrating with your favorite communication platforms. As you interact, Nudge will automatically keep your network up to date with relationship data.

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Integrates with email, calendar and social media.

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What People Are Saying

  • As a modern sales professional, I find Nudge's Calendar insights extremely valuable in preparing me for meetings everyday. By better understanding who I am meeting with, I can build more trust with every interaction.

    Dan Saso
    Dan Saso Baynote, Sales Associate
  • Nudge has quickly become my go-to app to nurture my network. I just booked a lunch with a long time prospect on my top ten list by reaching out with news Nudge highlighted. It's far less noise, far more relevant updates on my network.

    Jacoline Loewen
    Jacoline Loewen UBS Bank (Canada) Wealth Management, Director of New Business Development
  • In using Nudge, I found people important to me who fell through the cracks. Within 1-week I reconnected with them which resulted in two new closed opportunities and a new hire.

    Anand Thaker
    Anand Thaker IntelliPhi, CEO & Founder

Find and Keep Your Best Customers

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