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Nudge is a Modern Sales Platform that uses artificial intelligence to find actionable insights on your target accounts.

Sales Professionals from These World-Class Companies Trust Nudge

Modern Sales Platform

Everything You Need to Build Relationships and Grow Sales

Social Selling

“90% of top sales performers use social selling tools and tactics to drive revenue.”

(Source: LinkedIn 2016)

Nudge provides you with social insights and features to help you authentically engage your customers.

Relationship Building

“70% of sales professionals believe “relationship building” tools have the biggest impact on revenue.”

(Source: LinkedIn 2016)

Nudge tracks relationship strength to help you build and nurture authentic relationships with buyers.

Account Based Selling

“90% of your network is noise that provides no value to your business objectives.”

(Source: Nudge 2016) 

Nudge filters out the noise to only show activity on the contacts and accounts you care about.

Collaborative Selling

“Top sales teams are 6x more likely to use cross-company collaboration.”

(Source: Salesforce 2015)

Collaborating on Nudge provides visibility into who has the best access to decisions makers and key accounts.

Build Real Relationships With Your Buyers